How to track FBA transfer orders.

The instruction below describes how to track FBA transfer orders (hereinafter TO) sent from the Arlington warehouse to the Amazon warehouse.


Responsible Staff

Curator of the FBA direction in the US

·       Supervises all processes related to the shipment statuses.

·       Generates Shipment ID basing on the Send to FBA file.


TO acceptance

*A letter from Amazon is a trigger that the Amazon warehouse accepted all the goods without errors.

Oleg Dovnar
TO tracking

Technical Department employees

At the initial stage - Victor Nikiforov


Problem Description

Sometimes, we face a situation when the number of goods in the FBA_ACT bin does not correspond to the actual quantity of goods at Amazon.

In this case, while importing an order placed in the FBA, Celigo integration will return an error indicating that you don’t have the required quantity of goods in the FBA_ACT bin and the import of the order will be interrupted.

PIC 1- Celigo integration error

To eliminate such errors, you need to use IA to increase the inventory in the FBA_ACT bin to the required quantity of goods you want to import.

PIC 2- How to increase the inventory

However, there is always a human factor, which may lead to two more problems:

  1. the inventory in the corresponding TO was accepted into the AMAZON location, the FBA_ACT bin too late
  2. the inventory in the corresponding TO wasn’t accepted into the AMAZON location at all


Tracking process:

The TO lists and TO corresponding items in TRANSIT status (which have been sent from Arlington but have not reached Amazon yet):


The saved search results show the orders that have transit status in NS.


The error is detected if the TO status at Amazon has CLOSED value (while checking for the acceptance condition), but in the NS system, the status still has the PENDING RECEIPT value.

PIC 3 - showing values

The audit is conducted as follows:


Download the first report from FBA TO's SENT (but not received yet) - From Arlington by TO - VN

PIC 4- how to download the 1st report


Download the second report by clicking the Download inbound shipments button on the Inventory - Manage FBA Shipments page in ASC.

PIC 5- how to download the second report


Compare the two reports. Those TOs, which are present in the first report in the “Document Number” column and are missing in the second report in the “shipment-id” column, are the errors you were trying to find.

PIC 6- how to compare the reports


Get the list of TO goods by downloading the FBA TO's SENT (but not received yet) - From Arlington by Item – VN report. These goods should be excluded from the subsequent processing of errors of orders import.

PIC 7- how to exclude the goods

Then TOs should be sent to Oleg Dovnar for additional verification (for this create a subtask to the Cлежение за ТО FBA task in Asana).



Oleg checks up, whether there are no missed TOs at acceptance, and sends an inquiry to Nicole with the list of the revealed incorrect TOs.


Аppendix 1: ASC sending statuses


IN-TRANSIT - the parcel has been sent from the warehouse in Arlington to one of the Amazon warehouses but has not yet been received by Amazon.

CLOSED – the parcel was shipped from Arlington's warehouse to one of the Amazon warehouses and was received by Amazon in full.

In this case, the corresponding TO in the NS system must have the Received status.


RECEIVING – the goods are being accepted, the status will be changed to CLOSED in case of successful acceptance, or to some other - depending on possible problems during the process of acceptance

DELIVERED – TO is delivered, but not accepted into the Amazon FBA system, usually this is due to some problems, which arose during the process of acceptance

DELETED/CANCELLED - the order was deleted and never sent from Arlington warehouse.

WORKING – means that one of the Webyshops FBA experts is working on the TO, and the order is still not sent from Arlington warehouse.

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